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Welcome Home,

Since July 2007 we take great pleasure in welcoming you in our gourmet restaurant.


it means enjoying happy times in a cosy and convivial atmosphere, and savouring a refined cooking, letting your eyes taste the first mouthful.

All our heart we put into our restaurant is made of the passion we have to do our job the best we can…
We want to get our customers as we receive friends at Home… So we hope you'll have a great time at our place.

As at home, and for additional pleasure, we have created a Lounge, the A.P.O. Lounge Bar, and an elegant terrace in the shade of big white parasols. At Lounge Bar, you can relax having aperitif before eating, or you can discover, in the afternoon, our teas of the world, our ice creams, and our cocktail without alcohol.

 You have a present to give to somebody ?...
To be sure to please, what about the gift "Gourmet Invitation" at Petits Oignons ?...

 You have a birthday to celebrate ?... You can order a birthday cake.

 For your group meals with the family, friends or colleagues we propose to you to create together a all inclusive package.

 In the cosy setting of our little rooms or on the wood deck of our terrace in flower, we offer to you a refined and varied cooking. The Carte has a wide selection of starters, fishes, meats, cheese dishes, puddings. It changes twice a year, in early May and November. It enables you to choose freely your meal according to your tastes and your appetite.

We also propose to you 2 Menus : the Rural Flavour Menu at 38 € and the Gourmet Menu at 43 € ; both are prepared with the dishes of our Carte.

Moreover we suggest to you a Discovery Menu at 30 €, announced on a slate (for lunch only, from Monday to Friday lunchtime, except for bank holidays).

Lunchtimes, from Monday to Friday, except for Bank Holidays, we also propose to you :
Set meal, Royal Burger, Large Salad for 15 €




Wild garlic ("Ail des ours") cottage terrine, with onion jam and baby salad leaves

11,50 €

Gourmet "Biquette" salad with fresh local goat cheese, bacon deglazed with rasberry vinegar, tomatoes with honey, walnut oil

12,50 €

Gourmet Caesar salad with succulent marinated chicken pieces, shavings of parmesan and croutons

12,50 €

Thin slices of duck breast cooked in a salt crust, mango chutney, baby salad leaves with walnut oil

13,50 €

Finely chopped cod tartare, Thaï style, on a bed of short sticks of Granny Smiths, sesame bread stick and baby salad leave

13,50 €

Duck foie gras terrine, with mango chutney, brioche bread and baby salad leaves

15 €

Gourmet plat of antipasti "Chef's style" (plate of assorted starters)

18 €

Our sea specialities

There is a 20 minute wait if no starter has been ordered

 Skate fillet (skin and cartilage removed), white wine cream with sea urchin coral, three-grain rice and vegetables

23,50 € 


Cod steak with a chorizo butter crust, served with three-grain rice and vegetables

23,50 €

Our land specialities

There is a 20 minute wait if no starter has been ordered



Suckling pig confit with a girolle mushroom sauce, little browned potatoes and vegetables

22,50 €

Succulent free-range chicken supreme with a honey and mustard sauce, soufflé chips and vegetables

22,50 €

Fried escalopes of foie gras with a Morello cherry sauce, served with home-made mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

29,50 €

Prime veal steak with a honey and mustard sauce,  three-grain rice and vegetables

25,50 €

Prime Beef steak with a girolle mushromms sauce, soufflé chips and vegetables

24,50 €



Gourmet vegetarian plate "Chef's style"

20,50 €

Our cheese specialities

served with Parma type ham and a walnut salad

There is a 20 minute wait if no starter has been ordered.


Girolle Tartiflette : melted Reblochon cheese on potatoes, bacon and girolle mushroom, served with cooked pork meats and walnut salad

21,50 €

Baked Saint-Félicien cheese with truffle cream, little browned potatoes, cooked pork meats and walnut salad

22,50 €

Cheese, 9 €

Trio of cheeses served with baby salad leaves


 Fresh local goat cheese served with olive oil and chives, baby salad leaves

Desserts, 9 €

In order to avoid too long a wait, we advise you to order your dessert at the start of your meal.

Homemade baked meringue filled with vanilla and chocolate ice-cram, served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Homemade baked meringue filled with raspberry and apricot ice cream, served with whipped cream and a duo of fruit coulis

Bilberry and almond cream tart served with raspberry sorbet and Chantilly cream


 Tiramisu-style dessert made with Cointreau alcohol and orange zests

Macaroon with a soft salted butter caramel centre, served with vanilla ice cream

Warm chocolate fondant, served with the ice cream or sorbet of your choice : vanilla, cocnut,mint chocolate, mandarin, raspberry or pear

Ice cream selection

Gourmet coffe or tea (your coffee or tea accompanied by 3 small sweet tasty delights)

Gourmet Irih coffee (your Irish coffee accompanied by 4 little small sweet tasty delights), supplement 6 €

Country menu, 38 €

Gourmet "Biquette" salad
Wild garlic "Ail des ours"
cottage terrine
*  *  *  *
Girolle Tartiflette
Suckling pig confit
  *  *  *  *
Cheese or dessert or ice cream from the carte
(Ice cream with alcohol sup. 1,50 €)
(Gourmet Irish, sup. 6 €)


Gourmet menu 43 €

Duck foie gras terrine
Thaï finely chopped cod tartare
Thin slices of duck breast
cooked in salt crust
*  *  *  *
Prime beef steak
Prime veal steak
Cod steak with a chorizo crust
*  *  *  *
Cheese or dessert or ice cream from the carte
(Ice cream with alcohol sup. 1,50 €)
(Gourmet Irish, sup. 6 €)


Children's menu for 15 €

For children under 12

Beef burger


Roast chicken breast 


Breaded fillet of fish

With chips and vegetables


2 scoops of ice cream


Chocolate brownie with light custard


3 little pancakes with icing sugar and Chantilly cream

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